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History Please Help :)?

1. Which of the following individuals is considered a national hero in Turkey? (Points : 1)
Saad Zaghlul
Reza Khan
Ibn Saud
Mustafa Kemal
2. Why were the British so eager to control Egypt after World War I? (Points : 1)
They had the most powerful armed forces.
They had plans to install a vast irrigation system in the desert.
They wanted to control the Suez Canal.
They wanted to protect the treasures in the pyramids.
4. Which group of Muslims thought Saudi Arabia should strictly observe Islamic laws and model their society on the way people had lived 1,000 years earlier?
Muslim Brotherhood
Shia Muslims
Sunni Muslims
5. Which of the following did not stimulate the rise of Islamism and nationalism in the Middle East?
the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire
the discovery of gold
World War I
European imperialism
6. Which of the following caused the greatest change in the daily life of the Turkish people in the early twentieth century?
the decrees of the Muslim clerics
the Allied victory in the Great War
Mustafa Kemal’s reforms
the Kurdish revolt
7. Which Middle Eastern leader would have been most likely to advocate the following reforms: greater rights for women, state-run schools, and minimal participation of the clergy in government?
Hasan al-Banna
Ibn Saud
Taha Husayn
Reza Khan
8. Which of the following statements most accurately describes the goal of the Zionists?
Zionists wanted to control the hill in Jerusalem known as Zion.
Zionists wanted to control the Middle East.
Zionists wanted to establish a homeland for the Jews in Palestine.
Zionists wanted to establish a home for the Wahhabists in Iraq.
9. Where did the nationalistic goals of Arabs and Jews come into the greatest conflict?
10. Which of the following statements about the Muslim Brotherhood is most accurate?
It denounced non-Muslims and wanted the government to adhere to strict Islamic law.
It encouraged foreign investment but wanted the government to respect Islamic law.
It was an ancient brotherhood that faded away with the Ottoman Empire.
It promoted Islam but wanted a constitution that separated church and state.
I am not cheating this is test prep please help

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  1. It would not be a good thing for anyone on here to answer these questions for you. Why not use Google or another search engine to look up the subjects and make up your own mind?

  2. Find this information out for yourself. Y!Answers will not be able to help you during exams!
    Just remember, Egypt is not only valuable for it’s huge port of Cairo, but for the Suez canal that can cut sea journeys by huge amounts. It’s a real jewel to control.

  3. 1. mustafa kemal
    2.control suez canal
    4.muslim brotherhood
    5.discovery of gold
    6. mustafa kemal’s reforms
    8.Zionists wanted to establish a homeland for the Jews in Palestine.
    10.It denounced non-Muslims and wanted the government to adhere to strict Islamic law.
    What about 3 ?
    Did you forget to copy/paste it, or was it the only one you didn’t need help ?

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